Welcome to The Musical Body!

Eager for more playfulness with your body-voice?

Love creating music with others?


Exploring the spaces between life and musical Improvisation. The Musical Body provides a space to cultivate vitality through improvised singing and explore the spaces between life and music.

The Musical Body connects you to your body, voice, place & other people. Through a multi-faceted and responsive process; you cultivate presence, spontaneity, musicality and courage as you develop and transform through your creative-expressive voice. The Musical Body takes place in weekly classes, weekend workshops, residentials, private sessions along with organisations and community groups and events.

Each class is different and drenched in music, nourishment, play and community. In each workshop; there are elements of conversation, somatic practices, voice exploration and processing, reflection, instrumental play, responses to music, body, breath, stories, spoken word and imagination, and the opportunity to co-create something that’s never been made before, express and explore.

You may be an artist, musician, painter, visual artist, dancer, mover, writer, community worker, mother, father, therapist, teacher, or car/shower singer. You may want to create social change, connect to feelings, people and place.




“Expect the beauty of organic unexpected when working with Charlotte. She holds the creative, improvised space with sensitivity, joy and care whilst gently easing your natural voice instincts into a state of warm radiance…I have witnessed Charlotte create with everyone from babies to wise folk and everything in between… age is no barrier – everyone has a voice… ” Caitlin Brown




Facilitated by…

Developing The Musical Body since around 1991, Charlotte is the originator and facilitator of this process; leading a considerable number and variety of groups of people since 2003 in explorations of the relationships between body, voice, sound, breath, movement, music, spoken word, story-singing and imagination.

Based between Moreland and The Macedon Ranges; Charlotte is a multi-faceted artist, musician, vocal improvisational artist, facilitator and composer. She offers private and group The Musical Body sessions. She is head of music at Gisborne Montessori School and apprentice in hobby-farm and conservation work. Charlotte is skilled at supporting others to cultivate playfulness, improvisational voice and musicality, creative awareness, confidence and courage.