My name is Charlotte Roberts (a.k.a. Lottie) and I am a (mostly) Melbourne-based musician, performance artist, composer, facilitator, conductor, body-voice midwife and artist.

“She’s what would happen if the mad hatter and Alice had a kid”

Meena Shamaly

musician, poet & composer

Life’s songs can be interesting. woopwoop!.Juicy-wild-SAUCY-yummy-fattyfatty-SOL-full-scary-dark-icky-yucky-challenging-nervous-unknown-exciting-pleasurable- so, I SING OUT LOUD….and I whisper….and I…..am SILENt. Pause-space-BREATHing. And I am LOUD! in, out. Dark light. Planet hopping. That dance, too, mmm, oh, ah! The spaces in between. I am exploring between pelvis and vocal folds, earth and sky: moons and…Saucy oo lala, and the fatty fatty bits. moreghee-more hehehe more shesheshe coconut oiled mantramations and love-assanas-and folk-rap-folk chants for the soul-SOL. that make me smile out loud, sing out loud, saucy ooo la la…..That’s how I am song writing my life. Love Charlotte

“Lottie La La performs from the soul with raw talent and creativity. As someone with a tendency to intellectualise EVERYthing, working with her has helped me to make great strides in throwing caution to the wind and discovering my own creativity.”
(Heather McAllister, Nursing Student and Budding Humanitarian)

” Oh wild one, spirit of creativity joy exuberance, oh wild one- supporter and care taker,
(you don’t have to give it all at one time)- save a little.
oh wild one, lover of life- dont have to hide your pain its good stuff too,
or what is it you hide?” (Anna Halprin, 2010)

I want to acknowledge and pay my respects to the Traditional Custodians of the different parts of Australia I visit and the land I live, sing and breathe with.
I want to give thanks to my friends, family, community, and mentors and teachers who have been deeply supportive of my personal and professional life in the areas of performance art, music- composition and improvisation, and in the sharing of The Musical Body, Planet SOL, Project Sing Out Loud (Free Voice Sing Circles), Lala Loulou Ensemble, and the Embodying Voice-TLAP programs.

Charlotte Roberts 0432550460


www.planetsol.net www.themusicalbody.com.au