Cathy Williams, Youth Programs Coordinator/Community Development worker, Artist/Dancer/T raveler

Having just come back from the second class of this series, I am so WARMED from tonight’s experience I would like to share and invite others who feel called to join us on Monday nights. Lottie Lala holds a beautiful safe space to PLAY EXPLORE CREATE EXPRESS with our bodies & voice, with whatever we bring in that moment. I am curiously exhilarated by the vulnerable place of using VOICE and being HEARD and WITNESSED. SO much love and gratitude to you Charlotte for sharing your gift and allowing me to explore, being held so graciously by you and the group. I attended Charlotte’s first series of Creative Laboratories for women in 2011 and I felt proud.. I felt blessed.. I felt giddy ..I felt reflective.. I felt confident
I absolutely adore attending Charlottes workshops and being in her inspiring and vibrant presence. Lottie creates a warm and inviting, trusting open space where, even though I attended the workshop on my own and wasn’t familiar with the work nor the other participants, I immediately felt I could be myself and share my thoughts/concerns/experiences – completely surrendering to the workshop activity.

Belinda Cohen, Performance Consultant and Coach. (Personal Empowerment Program, World Youth International, 2013

“My team have found your sessions deeply profound. Your comfort in doing the unusual gave them permission to let go. To feel in ways they had not been allowing. T o express themselves in the way that they needed, without judgement of themselves or the situation.
You gave them inspiration, freedom and courage. I have absolutely no doubt that my team members would not have come as far as they did through this program without your incredible contribution. You have an amazing gift, please continue to share it with the world!!!”